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Today's food industry is forever changing and developing, which presents restaurants, hotels, manufacturing and retail businesses with an ongoing challenge to keep pace.

To meet the demands of current and future markets requires high levels of innovation and creativity, tempered by a strong focus on what's practical, what delivers a healthy profit.

Having worked with a diverse list of clients throughout the industry for over 25 years, I understand all aspects of the business from food sourcing to food sauces, from new product development to recipe design.

As a highly experienced food consultant, I can help you improve individual dishes or entire menus. I can help you develop products and production processes to give you a competitive edge and improve your profitability.



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In 2008, with vast experience & knowledge, after 25 years working in and managing, successful independent, hotel, group-restaurant & development kitchens.

Steve Bullock, a determined, detailed, passionate & creative chef founded “thought4food consultancy ltd.”

Today Steve’s “hands-on” approach at “thought4food” has helped an impressive list of food businesses with his expertise & skills.




Whether you're in the restaurant business, hotels, bars, fast food outlets or manufacturing, an independent overview is always useful and constructive. Our assessment service covers all relevant aspects of your business and gives you the option to have a full health check, or concentrate on specific areas that you feel need improvement. The list below shows the diversity of our service.


  • SITE EVALUATION - suitability of site(s) for purpose.
  • PEOPLE - skills, experience and motivation.
  • PRODUCT & SOURCE - tasting, testing and evaluating.
  • MENU REVIEW – quality, consistency, suitability and capability to deliver.
  • COST & PROFIT MEASUREMENT - savings, management and targets.
  • KITCHEN & EQUIPMENT - efficiency, layout, suitability, improvements.
  • MARKET RESEARCH – sampling competition and reporting results.
  • NEW OPENINGS – assessment of operational requirements.

Food Development

All aspects of food development right through to creating a menu requires the right balance of innovation and creativity, plus extensive practical experience.  Our expertise in all these areas, plus our hands-on approach to working with you, will enable us to make a significant difference to the success of your business.


  • MENU PLANNING – for all market sectors. From traditional, international, vegetarian and healthy products and recipes.
  • FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY – images for training, promotions, advertising and reviews
  • NUTRITION – the right information to put on your menu. Dish calorific values supported by detailed recipes and laboratory analysis.


Training is an often-overlooked, yet absolutely vital ingredient to the success of your business. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how good your recipes, ingredients and kitchen equipment are, if your staff can’t deliver, then your business can’t achieve its full potential. 


  • ASSESSMENT - evaluation of staff skill levels.
  • SKILLS TRAINING – On site, one to one, group and classroom sessions.
  • UPGRADES - taking your chefs to the next level.
  • FOOD KNOWLEDGE – in depth analysis of dishes and ingredients for all food service staff.
  • FOOD DELIVERY – teaching reasons, processes and good practices.
  • SPECIFICATION MANUALS – customised, ready to work with, user friendly, informative and visual.

Cost & Profit

A profitable menu is achieved with a thorough knowledge of all ingredients purchased, their price, availability, yield and use. With the correct systems in place you will be able to monitor dish costs, profitability and value. We have complete understanding of this process and how to make it work for your business.

  • PURCHASING – the correct ‘shopping basket’ – availability, best price and suitability for purpose.
  • INGREDIENTS – maximising use out of each ingredient.
  • PREPARATION – a complete breakdown of the often-overlooked costs of preparation.
  • WASTE PREVENTION – careful monitoring to make significant savings.
  • COSTING SOFTWARE – complete costing capability using ‘Resort Hotel’, ‘Star Chef’ and ‘Excel’.
  • FORECASTS – the ability to predict the effect of price changes. Fast.

Source & Supply

Finding, developing and dealing with the right suppliers is essential to the smooth running of any operation. Over the years we have built a comprehensive list of trusted, capable and conscientious suppliers.


  • SUPPLIER COMPARISONS - making sure suppliers are competitive and suitable.
  • SUPPLY – the most direct, cost effective product-to-user process.
  • SOURCING & TASTING – the ability to put forward products for comparative testing.
  • NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT – sourcing new and bespoke products.
  • QUALITY CONTROL – ensuring continuity and consistency.


Whatever services we provide initially to help your business, our involvement does not need to end there. To help you keep a competitive edge, on-going support is available, should you need it, by phone, e-mail or site visit.


  • FOLLOW-UP CHECKS - monitoring of systems and practices to make necessary adjustments.
  • RE-TRAINING - upgrades and new recipe training.
  • TRAINING MATERIALS – updates and amendments.
  • ASSESSMENTS – co-ordination and team meetings.
  • REVIEWS – project assessment and results.
  • NEW OPENINGS – complete support for new kitchen openings, classroom food knowledge training, food ordering, kitchen set-up, Light equipment ordering, preparation, hands-on training, menu cook-offs. 'Go live' support.


My Portfolio of clients is wide and varied. I work with restaurant groups (some with multiple brands), independent restaurants, hotels, food service manufacturers, suppliers & food retailers.

Non-disclosure agreements can be agreed to.

Whatever the circumstances I always treat my clients and their projects with discretion.

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Wondertree Snoozebox Chiquito Armadillo
Mediterranean Foods Pearmain Pubs Dawn Tesco
Hawtons Cafe Balzar Lamb Weston Beardmore
Caledonia Chez Bob Garfunkels Chook
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Harlequin Monkey Nuts Giraffe Hourglass
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"I have worked with Steve for over 20 years and consider him not only a friend and trusted work colleague but someone I trust to work with me and help develop menus, concepts and ideas across many different styles, he can execute and train into all sites with precision and ease - I would have no hesitation to give Steve work for any new business I am involved in!"
RUSSEL JOFFE founder Giraffe Concepts.

“Steve is a great asset to our business, vastly experienced, collaborative, confident and very well organised. Development briefs quickly turn into scheduled cook-offs producing dishes we are proud to serve. He keeps us on our toes & gets things done”.
RICHARD BROWN founder Pearmain Pubs.

“We love working with Steve on food photo shoots, to have the right team is so important when working so closely together. His patience, humour, attention to detail and ability to problem solve so calmly are all invaluable. With Steve on board, we know we will have a smooth running shoot, and a great day”
ABIGAIL COCKROFT shoot producer Media Wisdom.

“Steve is a highly skilled chef and his mind is an encyclopaedia of casual dining. Through meticulous research, attention to detail and commercial understanding he creates menus that are the perfect creative solution for both independent and established brands that need to deliver quality at pace”.
ANDREW KEMSLEY Director 10 Hospitality.

“I’ve worked with Steve on various projects over a number of years, he always brings so much passion for food and creative genius to any brief. Whatever the project Steve always puts his heart and soul into it and will always do whatever it takes to make the project a success … and he is great fun to work with!”
HILARY ANSELL director of marketing & food development Bella Italia.

“Menu development with Steve is highly organized, collaborative, creative, cost accurate & effective. His hands-on approach, understanding of process, attention to detail & enthusiasm inspires those around him. If your brand requires a menu change that is profitable, with accurate recipes & training material, I recommend him”.
CHRISTIAN ROSE managing director All Star Lanes.

“Steve is highly organised & dependable, he takes away the stress of developing exciting and challenging new food. He brings exceptional creative and innovative ideas and can then balance this with the level of detail required to make dishes operationally viable. His network into the industry is very strong and we have worked together across different sectors and companies”.
PASCHALIS LOUCAIDES head of retail Vue Cinemas.

“Steve brings direction and innovation to menu development, is able to assimilate operations at both kitchen and service levels. An instinctive ability to bring cost savings through experience in recipe creation makes him a joy to work alongside. I can honestly say that I have never known any of Steve's clients say otherwise of him and I enjoy his company, foresight and innovation skills”.
JOHN DAVIS managing director BD Foods.

“I have worked with Steve in a variety of business environments for over 20 years. Steve brings a valuable blend of the creative and the commercial and well understands client needs from independent operators to larger brands. Steve has a deep understanding of the restaurant market and UK suppliers, excels in helping restaurant businesses improve their menus in an ongoing way and has always been a pleasure to have as part of a team”.
ANDREW JACOBS managing director Giraffe.

“We engaged Steve to assist menu development and to achieve consistency of quality and margin. Working with our management team and Head Chef, Steve has been instrumental in the production of our latest menu. He has provided accurate, costed recipes & specification sheets with photographs for all dishes. We are impressed with his knowledge, skills and attention to detail”.
HELEN SALLOWAY owner 7 Seven Restaurant & Café Bar Derby.

“During my years at Maison du Pain I had the opportunity to work with many Development Chefs. Steve Bullock is amongst the best I have collaborated with. His knowledge spans not only an in depth understanding of many differing cuisines, but also menu planning, costings and implementation. He is fully conversant with the Supplier Chain and is able to secure quality raw materials paying particular importance to provenance and availability at a commercially sensible price. Pretty much the complete package”.
ROBERTO ODDI CEO Maison du Pain Ltd 1987-2015.

"Steve Bullock – a true professional development chef. We worked him over many years across a variety of cuisines. He has a fabulous and inventive recipe repertoire but nowadays we can all have that from books and Google. But his ability is re-designing and translating those ideas into a busy kitchen on a Friday night so that the team can deliver a quality meal matching the restaurants promise to the customer.
GERRY RAFERTY CEO Dawn Fresh Foods Ireland 1984 - 2012.

“Steve worked for TRG Concessions, a division of The Restaurant Group for many years as a consultant. He largely worked on menu planning, dish presentations, recipe costing and training. All his work was completed to a high standard and he had a good rapport with the kitchen teams”
TRISH CORZINE executive director The Restaurant Group 2004 - 2013.

“Working with Steve we have developed some great desserts & cakes. Understanding our business’s processes & capabilities he delivers accurate, sometimes challenging but achievable briefs. Sampling feedback is always honest with objective changes, enabling us to create & manufacture products we are jointly proud of”.
PETER SIMPSON managing director Vittles Foods Ltd.

"Worked with Steve both as a customer & employer, he’s highly creative, well organised and commercially astute, inspires confidence and nice guy to work with".
JINAN AL-KADHI commercial & npd director Mediterranean Foods.

Falafel Wrap
Ice Cream Sundae
Chicken Satay Wrap
Pineapple Carpaccio
Goan Curry
Caesar Salad
Sticky Date Pudding with salted caramel
Chorit Carbnra
Pappardelle Mixed Mushrooms
Salmon Nicoise
Desrt Coff
Feta Scramble
Hake with serrano ham mash & peas with red pepper oil
Fritto misto roasted garlic aioli
Ice Cream Sundae
Panc Bacon
Goats cheese in pancatta with red oinion marmalade.jpg
Proper piggy hash
Poachers roll pork game
Ice Cream Sundae
Croque monsieur
teriyaki salmon bok choi with wasabi & coriander fried rice
Frozen berries with white chocolate sauce
Ice Cream Sundae
On toast eggs florentine with avocado
kale & avocado salad with green goddess dressing
Prosseco jelly
Chicken paillard herby mushroom gnocchi
Salmon saltimbocca
Cheese Bacon Burger
Skinny Burger
Cherry Forest
Hot Dog
Pulled Pork
Moroccan Chicken
Chicken Nacho Burger
Huevos Rancheros
Morning Baps
Modern Tapas
Giraffe Menu Meal
Giraffe Meal
Full English Breakfast
Giraffe Menu Meal
Giraffe Meal
Gammon and Chips
Giraffe Restaurant Food
Chocolate Tart
Fish and Chips
Tuni Salad
Healthy Nut Bowl
Duck Stir Fry
Brekkie Toasties
Wondertree Salad
Chicken Kiev
Pork Katsu
Tuna and Sweetcorn Fishcakes
Beef Quesadilla
Lamb Shank
Brekkie Burrito
Spaghetti Meatballs
Giraffe Dish


You can call direct on the telephone number below or email.

Steve Bullock
thought4food consultancy ltd
41 Friar Street
Worcester WR1 2NA

Tel: 07534 211007

Or simply email me:


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